Player Showcase – Foggy1

We have thousands of users playing World Lawn Bowls but there is one player in particular, that has stayed at the top of the Leaderboard for ages! Ronnie (Foggy1) certainly is a hardcore World Lawn Bowls fan and clearly from looking at his stats, he certainly is very good at the game, especially to hold

5 Star Reviews for World Lawn Bowls

Thank you to everyone that loved our game and left a review on the App Stores.

Players from all around the Globe!

We are very proud to have many players from around the world playing our Bowls game, players from Great Britain, Ireland,  Scotland, Hong Kong, Australia, New Zealand, Africa, France, Spain etc.. the list goes on! Many thanks to all of you!  

Thank you all for downloading our game!

THANK YOU ALL FOR DOWNLOADING OUR GAME!! We have reached 1000+ downloads now and it’s rising every single day.

Multiple Rinks

We have recently increased the rinks from 2 to 4 rinks so the user gets lots of choice when playing World Lawn Bowls. Each rink are different: Outdoor rink played up high from the top of a castle Blue rink which is indoors with a big crowd watching Indoor green rink, traditional looking indoor bowls

Bowls and the Pandemic

This Covid-19 pandemic is affecting countries from all around the world, thus these restrictions have caused lots of sports to stop, unless it’s Elite sports like Tennis and Football for example. As bowls is very much a community game and a place where to make friends, catch up with friends and enjoy bowls etc..  we

The game is loaded with features!

World Lawn Bowls has a lot of cool features for our subscribers for our desktop and mobile versions.

World Lawn Bowls is back!

The world’s first lawn bowls game and is now back! Originally a PC Game created in 2004, World Lawn Bowls is now online for everyone to play against each other.