Signing up for World Lawn Bowls is simple, please click here and then follow the steps to sign up.

Absolutely not, the game is free to download and it’s free to register. We won’t be charging our users to play the game.

We originally had it so the game could be purchased but instead we decided to make it FREE to everyone worldwide. The adverts in the game are in there to sit in the background and not to distract from the gameplay.

World Lawn Bowls Apps are free to download and play, these are available at the Apple and GooglePlay Stores.

If you haven’t received your confirmation email to verify that it is you signing up, please check your SPAM or JUNK as it may have dropped into there.

If it’s a technical problem which is preventing you from playing the game, please contact us at info@worldlawnbowls.com and we will see if we can resolve it.

Yes of course! You can edit/add details to your profile such as your “Nickname” and also change your Profile Photo and also choose the type of bowls you want to use. NOTE: All profiles are moderated and we will not accept anything which goes against our terms and conditions, so please do not upload anything which will insult any other user otherwise this could result in your account to be suspended. 

Our game is written to work through your desktop computer browser (Windows, Linux) and also on Android and iOS Operating systems.

Our game will work on all latest devices and computers. We recommend the following:

Mobile Phones:
– iOS 10.0 or higher
– Android 4.4 or higher
Desktop, Laptop and Notebook Computers
We support Windows, MacOS, and Linux with a browser that is WebGL 1.0 or 2.0 capable. 2017 browsers onwards we support but only if you keep your system up to date!

Once in the game, please click on “Online” and then it will connect you to our servers. Then you will have 2 choices “Create New Match” or “Join Random Match”. Creating a new match allows you to create a new online match and then assign that to another player you know, so you can play them directly online. Joining a Random Match will put you into an online hat and you will be chosen randomly against another player for an online match.

A Single Match is where you will play through a series of levels against different Computer (CPU) opponents to try and complete World Lawn Bowls.

This is a unique feature which will help bowlers to see the measurements of their bowl and the opponents bowl in relation to the Jack in real-time! If you click or mouse-over the circle, it will expand to full screen showing you the detailed measurements.

You can also with the slider, zoom in or out to help see the measurements and positions better.

A Single Match consists of 3 games (3 ends) and if you win, then you will move to the next game. Each CPU opponent will get progressively harder as you play through the matches across 4 rinks. If you win in all of the rinks, you will complete the game. Only the best can be crowded champion!

This isn’t an online game, this is where you can play on the same device (Computer or Mobile) against each other in a game. So two users would have be to near each other to be able to use this feature.

Yes if you are a paid user of World Lawn Bowls you will be automatically entered into the Leaderboard, but only if you compete in Online Matches against other human players, not the CPU opponents.

There are 3 options, Easy, Medium and Hard. This is the difficultly of the CPU (computer) opponent that you will play against in a Single Game. If you are good at World Lawn Bowls, try your luck against a harder computer opponent. If you are a novice at our game, then keep the setting on Easy. We will leave that to you!

If for any reason you want to cancel, please do not hesistate to get in touch with us at info@worldlawnbowls.com and we can discuss this and get this arranged. For more information, please read our Terms and Conditions.